En nuestro sitio web, nos gustaría utilizar los servicios de terceros proveedores que nos ayudan a mejorar nuestras ofertas promocionales (marketing), evaluar el uso de nuestro sitio web (rendimiento) y adaptar el sitio web a sus preferencias (funcionalidad). Necesitamos su consentimiento para el uso de estos servicios; siempre puede revocar este consentimiento. Puede encontrar información sobre los servicios y la posibilidad de rechazarlos en "Definido por el usuario". Puede encontrar información adicional en nuestra Política de Protección de Datos.

04, 11 y 18 de mayo de 2021


What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive and assigned to the browser you use and transmit certain information to the site that placed the cookie (us in this case or by third-party providers). Cookies cannot execute programs or transmit viruses to your computer. They serve the purpose of making the website more user-friendly and effective on the whole.

Your cookie settings on this website

Cookies on this website that do not require your consent

Our website uses absolutely necessary cookies. These absolutely necessary cookies assure functions that are necessary for using our website in the intended manner. Your consent is not required for the use of absolutely necessary cookies. Absolutely necessary cookies cannot be deactivated in the settings of these website. However, you can generally deactivate cookies in your browser at any time. If you do this, however, the functionality of some areas of the website could be limited.

Cookies on this website that require your consent

You can always grant us your consent for the cookies indicated below. We will use none of the indicated services until we have received your consent. You can also always revoke your consent by activating the slide bar again. In addition, you can object to the use of the individual services in our Data Protection Policy.

On this website, we use the following types of cookies. The extent and functionality of each type are explained below:

  • Functional
    Functional cookies enable a website to store information you have already entered (e.g. user name, language selection and your location) and provide improved, more personalised functions to the user.
    Functional cookies are also used to deliver requested functions such as the playing of videos. These cookies collected anonymised information; they cannot monitor your movements on other websites.
    You can find additional information in our Data Protection Policy.
  • Performance
    Performance cookies collect information about the way a website is used, such as the Internet browser and operating system used, the domain name of the website from which the user came, the number of visits, the average session duration, pages visited.
    These cookies do not store any information that would allow for the personal identification of the user. The information collected with the aid of these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous.
    Performance cookies are used to improve the user friendliness of a website and therefore the user experience.
    You can find additional information in our Data Protection Policy.
  • Marketing
    Cookies for marketing purposes are used to display ads that are relevant to the user and suited to his or her needs. They are also used to limit the display frequency of an ad and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They register whether or not you have visited a website. This information may be shared with third parties such as advertisers. The cookies used to improve ad targeting and advertising are often linked to the site functions of third parties.
    You can find additional information in our Data Protection Policy.

List of cookies that require your consent:

Name of cookieDomainPurpose of useStorage periodType of cookie
UserID1.adfarm1.adition.comPersonalized advertising180 daysMarketing
id.doubleclick.netDisplay ads that are relevant to the user and suited to his or her needs20 yearsMarketing
fc3ad2.adfarm1.adition.comDisplay ads that are relevant to the user and suited to his or her needs180 daysMarketing
1P_JAR/DV/NIDgoogle[.de/.com]  Display ads that are relevant to the user and suited to his or her needsBrowser session to 6 MonthsMarketing
CONSENTgoogle.[de/.com]Delivers requested functions20 yearsFunctional
personalization_idtwitter.comTwitter integration2 yearsSocial Media
_gagoogle. [de/.com]Google Analytics: collects information about the way a website is used14 monthsPerformance